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Slovenia yet to send rule of law report to EU Commission


Ljubljana - Slovenia is allegedly the only EU member to have failed to send its contribution for Commission's second rule of law report by now, unofficial sources say. The deadline for member states to do so was 8 March. Slovenia's Foreign Minister An┼że Logar said the country will send its report on time. In the evening the government approved the document.

"I can only say that the report will be sent to Brussels on time," Logar said on Wednesday, explaining that the Foreign Ministry was collecting contributions for the report and compiling them in the same format.

In the evening, the government approved Slovenia's response to the European Commission's questionnaire for the report, the government Communications Office said in a press release. It did however not say anything about the content of the document.

Earlier in the day, Logar expressed the hope that the Commission's report will be preceded by a visit to Slovenia. Interviewing stakeholders on the ground is much more successful, effective and transparent than doing so online, the minister said.

When asked why Slovenia had not yet sent its contribution to Brussels, Logar said he guaranteed that the Commission would get it on time. "This is not an issue that would jeopardise in any way the drafting of the second report which will be discussed during Slovenia's presidency."

The Commission's report is expected in July.


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