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Cleanshelf CEO says partnership with LeanIX will allow growth

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Ljubljana - The recent acquisition by German software company LeanIX will allow the US-Slovenian Cleanshelf, a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) management provider, access to 400 top clients and provide new growth opportunities, the CEO and founder of Cleanshelf Dušan Omerčević told the STA.

The acquisition will allow LeanIX to become the first to offer comprehensive SaaS solutions in the industry.

Cleanshelf operates in a very promising market but the competition is tough. "If we wish to remain market leader we must form partnerships with the right companies," Omerčević said in an interview with the STA.

The partnership will allow Cleanshelf access to LeanIX's clients and its sales team. "We're gaining access to 400 top companies in the world."

Omerčević will take a new role of vice president of product SaaS intelligence and managing director of Slovenia. "This includes everything from development and technology to sales and marketing." He will also be in charge of Cleanshelf's Ljubljana office, where a large part of the development team is based.

The company had 40 employees at the end of 2020, 25 in Slovenia and 15 in the US. Despite the pandemic, last year was a successful one for Cleanshelf. "We started the year with 16 employees and ended it with 40."

"We've built a world-class team in Ljubljana. Last year, we took advantage of a small labour market crisis and attracted staff from some other companies," said Omerčević, ascribing this to the company's efforts to become the best employer on the market.

The company also supports the EU's initiative Startup Nation Standard. Among other things, the initiative is to simplify visa procedures for highly-skilled engineers. "We hope Slovenia will implement the guidelines as soon as possible. Every engineer we get from abroad will create 10 new jobs in Slovenia."

Omerčević believes that Slovenia could do more for companies creating high value added. He would like to see lower labour taxes on top engineers. "We're competing for talent against the best companies in the world. Owing to high labour taxes, the wage bill for engineers is higher than in Bonn," said Omerčević, referring to the seat of LeanIX.

"Digital transformation is the most important trend of our time. Slovenia and the whole of Europe are lagging behind considerably, which reflects in business results. All companies should become software companies."


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