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How to Become a Ninja?


The list also features searches such as "looking for a man for my child", "how to roll back the odometer in your car", "how to replace your boss", "how to write a good notice of resignation" and "how to become a ninja", parent company on Telekom Slovenije said in a press release on Thursday.

In the love category, the top searches were "how to get to know a woman better", "how to get a woman/girl" and "how to rekindle love".

Top funny searches on film and music were "what band do you recommend for weddings", "what a flute is used for", "I want to date Jan Plestenjak" and "James Bond's telephone number".

In the miscellaneous category, the top searches were "what draws men to pubs", "why wolves howl at the Moon", "I want a child" and "why are men jerks".

The funniest animal-related searches this year were "how to hide a dog from your mother", "how many legs a centipede has" and "why was I bitten by a mosquito".


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