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Slovenia Welcomes Progress in Bosnia


The deal on a new government in Bosnia is only the first, though a decisive move in the efforts to reach a consensus for continuation of the necessary reforms in the country, the ministry said in a press release on Thursday.

Noting that this will also contribute to the stability in the country and the wider region, the ministry expressed hope that the agreement would lead to the actual creation of a government, which would have to face numerous challenges.

It is important that the parties in Bosnia also reach an agreement regarding legislation which will enable Bosnia to make headway in the European integration. The country can count on active support from Slovenia, the press release says.

In line with Wednesday's agreement, the main party of Croatians in Bosnia, HDZ BiH, will put forward the candidate for the chair of the council of ministers, who has to be confirmed by the three-member presidency and the parliament.

The parties also reached a consensus on laws on population census and state aid, the two main reforms demanded by the EU, and worked out the details of the 2012 budget, which will enable funding in the first three months of the new year.


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