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Hard times can be an opportunity for new beginnings, Janša says on Easter


Ljubljana - The coronavirus pandemic has fully exposed our vulnerability and weaknesses, taking away health and unfortunately also many lives, Prime Minister Janez Janša said in his Easter message, released on Sunday. He is confident that Slovenia will overcome this trial.

Last year taught us to appreciate much more what we have, and that hard times can also be an opportunity for a new start, the prime minister said.

"It has become clear yet again that as a nation we are strong and victorious only if we are united and connected."

Janša believes that the year in which we have been largely separated from one another has in a way also brought us closer.

"We have realised what is really important to us, what gives us strength, support, happiness and meaning to fight and rise after every fall."

A lot of suffering and sadness has also brought a lot of good, such as compassion and solidarity, said Janša, but warned the epidemic is not over yet.

He thus urged adhering to anti-coronavirus rules until the vaccination rate is high enough for the epidemic to end.


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