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The End of National Unity Governement Idea


The Virant List, Pensioners' Party (DeSUS) and People's Party (SLS) had given the four other parties in parliament until today to respond to their initiative for a national unity government. Virant said "impulses showed there is no support" for the plan.

The trio may continue coalition talks together - they wield much greater influence as a bloc, as it is impossible to form a government without at least one of the three - but they are at currently in different positions.

The Virant List is open to all options, left or right, the SLS does not want to enter a coalition led by election winners Positive Slovenia, whereas the DeSUS, although theoretically open to all options, will reach a decision this afternoon.

The plan for a national unity government had been met with much criticism as the trio effectively halted the formation of a government. But Virant nevertheless thinks the decision to give it a try was right.

The shelving of the plan probably opens the way for the nomination of Positive Slovenia leader Zoran Janković as prime minister-designate. However, he is far from securing a majority in parliament.


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