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Overhauled plan for relaxation of restrictive measures


Ljubljana - The government unveiled on Friday its latest strategy for a gradual easing of restrictive measures depending on the epidemiological situation. Easing of several restrictions is envisaged in tier red, which Slovenia will be in as of next week, including reopening of primary schools and kindergartens, and lifting of the curfew.

Criteria at state level

*number of infections represents the average daily number of newly identified infections in the last seven days

Tier black
No. of infections: more than 1,350
Hospitalisations: more than 1,200

- curfew
- limited public transport services
- shops selling necessities, post offices, banks are open
- kindergartens are open along with primary schools for the first three grades of primary school, and schools for children with special needs
- urgent lab courses are allowed for university students
- top, up-and-coming and professional athletes and members of national teams are allowed to train and compete
- contactless sport activities outdoors are allowed
- individual exercise and family exercises are allowed

Tier red
No. of infections: under 1,350
Hospitalisations: under 1,200

- primary schools and kindergartens reopen in full along with secondary schools under model C, which means student alternate between in-class and remote learning every week, in-person seminars and exams with up to 10 people are allowed at faculties
- dorms reopen for secondary school students
- museums, libraries, galleries reopen
- contactless outdoor sports activities are allowed along with individual and family exercise
- individual classes are allowed in music, ballet and contemporary dance schools
- cadets and juniors are allowed to train
- certain services and shops reopen

Tier orange
No. of infections: under 1,000
Hospitalisations: under 1,000

- in-person lessons with some restrictions for college students and university students
- assembly of up to 10 people
- all shops reopen, bars and restaurants allowed to serve customers outdoors
- student dorms open
- no restrictions to movement among regions

Tier yellow
No. of infections: under 600
Hospitalisations: under 500

- tourist facilities reopen
- no more restrictions for secondary schools or faculties

Tier green
No. of infections: under 300

- No more restrictions for the entire country
- General hygiene measures remain in place, bars and night clubs remain closed


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