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PM Janša and health minister visit BIA Separations

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Ajdovščinal - Prime Minister Janez Janša and Health Minister Janez Poklukar visited on Friday the biotechnology company BIA Separations, which is owned by the German company Sartorius in what was the largest foreign direct investment in Slovenia last year. Janša noted on the occasion the role of BIA Separations in the production of Covid-19 vaccine.

The Ajdovščina-based company is a leading developer of monolith technology and the exclusive producer of convective interaction media (CIM) chromatographic columns for the production, purification and analysis of large biomolecules.

BIA Separations is also considered one of the leading companies in technology of purification of active substance in the production of medications or vaccines, and has been involved in several Covid-19 vaccine development projects.

Janša followed up the visit with a tweet about the "technology and people who are saving health and lives in the process of the production of Covid-19 vaccine".

The prime minister added that "the purer the vaccine, the less possibility for side effects" and that "Slovenian know-how is at the global forefront in the battle against Covid-19".

Janša and Poklukar discussed the "challenges of the future" with the leading people at BIA Separations, including director Aleš Štrancar, Rene Faber of Sartorius and head of marketing Jana Krapež Trošt.


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