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Lockdown ended, Slovenia enters red tier of restrictions

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Ljubljana - Slovenia enters the red tier of coronavirus restrictions under an overhauled traffic light system on Monday after an eleven-day circuit breaker lockdown has ended. Most notably, the night curfew is gone after nearly six months and schools are once again open.

Primary schools will return to full in-person instruction and secondary schools will run on an alternating model where half the students are at home at any given time and then switch every week.

In-person instructions remains limited in higher education institutions, however, as only groups of up to ten students may gather for practical exercises or exams. In music schools only individual classes are allowed.

Most service businesses will be open along with cultural institutions. Ski resorts are allowed to reopen as well and contactless sports activities in groups up to ten are allowed.

Bars and restaurants may offer deliveries or to-go services, except for B2B customers, who can be served inside.

Masks remain mandatory indoor, but the outdoor mask mandate, along with the curfew one of the most unpopular measures, has been revoked.

In the red tier travel between statistical regions is prohibited, but there are over a dozen exemptions, including for travel to work, family emergencies, seasonal work on own property and transit.

Places of worship will reopen but are limited to one worshipper per 30 square metres.

The eleven-day lockdown was put in place in the aftermath of a surge in infections to prevent Slovenia sliding into an uncontrollable phase of the epidemic.

The latest daily figures indicate cases have started flatlining, but the caseload remains high and hospitals numbers continue to grow, albeit at a slow pace.


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