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The no. 1 bestseller "Ljubezen skozi želodec" is the second in a series of cookbooks written by Luka Novak and Valentina Smej Novak on the basis of their successful TV cook show.

The pair were publishers and even had their own chain of bookstores, but they have sold the bookstores and discontinued the publishing house and now focus on their cooking franchise.

The no. 2, "Tito in tovariši" (Tito and Comrades), is an acclaimed biography of the Yugoslav leader Josip Broz Tito (1892-1980) by historian Jože Pirjevec.

The result of years of painstaking research, it unveils little-known facts about him, such as his first contact with Communism and his involvement in the Spanish Civil War.

In third place is the Slovenian translation of Louise Hay's 1984 self-help bestseller "You Can Heal Your Life".

Interestingly, only three books among the top 10 are by Slovenian authors: the top two and "Hvalnica rešnjemu telesu", an essay by medical doctor Alojz Ihan, in 9th place.

The ranking is compiled by the Chamber of Publishing, Bookselling, Graphic Industry, Radio and TV.


1. Luka Novak, Valentina Smej Novak: Ljubezen skozi želodec 2 (Totaliteta)

2. Jože Pirjevec: Tito in tovariši (Cankarjeva založba)

3. Louise L. Hay: You Can Heal Your Life (Iskanja)*

4. Stephane Hessel: Time for Outrage! (Sanje)*

5. John C. Parkin: The F*** It Way (Mladinska knjiga)*

6. Rhonda Byrne: The Secret (Mladinska knjiga)*

7. Rhonda Byrne: The Power (Mladinska knjiga)*

8. Stieg Larsson: The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest (Prešernova družba)*

9. Alojz Ihan: Hvalnica rešnjemu telesu (Cankarjeva založba)

10. George R.R. Martin: Game of Thrones (Mladinska knjiga)*

* The books are translated into Slovenian


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