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GURS Will Remove Data on Property Owners


In line with the demand of Information Officer Nataša Pirc Musar, GURS will remove the names, surnames, addresses and birth dates of property owners from its portal that enabled free access to all real estate data in the country.

The portal was launched in late December after the first property census in Slovenia's history and an appraisal that followed the survey.

GURS expects the updated web application to be ready for use by tomorrow afternoon. If they fail to set it up by then, the web portal will be shut down until the application is upgraded, as the commissioner demanded that data be removed before Saturday.

Owners will be able to access all data regarding their property through a different application that demands a code assigned to each individual owner. The name of the owner will remain accessible when a piece of property is not owned by an individual, but by a legal entity.

Seliškar however expressed belief that the assessment of information commissioner was based on "a superficial and imperfect understanding of the state of affairs".

Pirc Musar said on Wednesday that "the information commissioner cannot allow uncontrolled pooling of data and the creation of new bases of personal data, which are not based in the law, and we have to be particularly careful with collections of data published on the internet".

She believes that the relevant real estate recording act does not specify the purpose of the public access to the data and that the act does not outweigh the constitutional right of individuals for the protection of personal data.

She moreover filed a request for a constitutional review of the part of the relevant real estate recording act which stipulates that the mentioned personal data of real estate owners should be public.

Seliškar shared the view today that there was no legal ground to make the data freely available, but underlined that GURS did not create a new database of data and that it did not process personal data.

GURS will take the matter to the Administrative Court, according to Seliškar, who added however that Slovenia should determine an appropriate level of data protection to prevent "unnecessary digging through this data".


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