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Poll indicates third of Slovenians want to get vaccinated as soon as possible

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Ljubljana - A third of respondents in the most recent Parsifal public opinion poll commissioned by Nova24TV have said they will get vaccinated for coronavirus as soon as possible.

The share is lower than in January, when 47% said they would get vaccinated at the earliest opportunity, but the most recent poll also shows that 20% of respondents had already been vaccinated.

The poll also showed that 24.3% of respondents will wait with the jab until they see the effects of vaccines, while 21.5% said they do not intend to get inoculated against coronavirus.

By age, those who want to get vaccinated as soon as possible are mostly over the age of 55, while those who intend to wait are mostly aged between 18 and 34.

The poll was conducted on a sample of 762 people between 12 and 14 April.


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