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Finance finds planned tax reform unambitious


Ljubljana - The business newspaper Finance believes the tax reform drafted by the Finance Ministry is far from ambitious, even though it says in its commentary on Monday that any reform is better than none.

The proposal has not left the ministry yet and it might not be adopted in its current form or at all, the paper says under the headline Tax Reform - Better Some than None?

"Even if it passes, it will be hard to speak of a notable reform. An increase in the general tax credit is more a beauty correction than a reform."

During his time in office, Prime Minister Janez Janša was thinking about a flat tax rate, which would have had a significant effect on salaries in Slovenia, the paper says.

"Compared to that idea this reform is nothing but lukewarm hotdog water," the paper says. The planned reform is similar to the planned debeauricratisation bill: it brings a few positive minor changes but it will not have a real effect on life and business in Slovenia.

"If this is all a political power that used to boast economic liberalism can offer, than we can forget about becoming a business competitive country any time soon."

Such an economic reform might have been carried out by a government that would not have received as many eye rolls over its "unusual way to tackle the epidemic or improper fallouts at home and abroad".


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