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Where are the Arbiters?


After receiving the list, Slovenia and Croatia will have 15 days to choose together the head of the tribunal and two of its members. The two countries have already individually appointed one member each to the five-member tribunal.

If the countries fail to agree on the names of the remaining three tribunal members within the fifteen-day deadline, the three names will be picked from the European Commission's list by the President of the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

Füle's office said in a press release that today's meeting with Slovenia's Samuel Žbogar and Croatia's Vesna Pusić was "very constructive and a useful opportunity to discuss the modalities for the establishment of the list and the process leading to the appointment of the members of the tribunal".

The European Commission was expected to provide the list of names immediately after Croatia signed its EU accession agreement on 9 December.

It is unclear what caused the delay, but today's press release from Fülle stated that the European Commission was "neither party to this [border arbitration] agreement nor bound by its timelines, but has been invited to perform certain functions under this agreement by the signatories".


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