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Convalescents to receive only one shot of vaccine

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Ljubljana - Those in Slovenia who have had a confirmed coronavirus infection will receive only one shot of a coronavirus vaccine six months after they had the disease, according to new guidelines issued by the national advisory committee on immunisation.

The guidance was issued to vaccination centres recently after seven other European countries decided to do that, the head of the advisory body, Bojana Beović, told the press on Wednesday.

She said the decision was motivated by the desire to prudently use the limited supply of vaccines since there are still not enough jabs for all residents, and the fact that a confirmed infection confers at least some degree of immunity.

Beović however indicated that this may not apply to those who have had mild symptoms and those with weakened immune systems.

The advisory group plans to keep an eye on scientific studies, which are being published almost every day, and perhaps may decide that some convalescents will be vaccinated twice.

Some 382,000 Slovenians or about 18% of the population have so far received at least one shot of a coronavirus vaccine, whereas over 155,000, or 7.4% of the population, are fully vaccinated.


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