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Vaccination now open to over 50s

Health & Medicine

Ljubljana - All persons over 50 are now eligible for vaccination under a revised vaccination strategy that the government adopted last night. Additional priority groups have been designated as well.

Besides the over 50s, the priority groups now once again include teachers and staff working in critical infrastructure - energy, transport, food and water supply, healthcare, finance, environment protection, and information and communication networks.

Additional priority groups include the pharmaceutical industry, staff essential to the functioning of the state, employees and volunteers offering assistance to chronic patients and other vulnerable groups.

The change of strategy - this is now the sixth version - comes after the majority of those over 70 who wanted to get a shot have already been vaccinated; the vaccination rates for those above 70 are in the 50-60% range.

In the 60-70 age group, which has been in the focus of the vaccination drive for the past three weeks, roughly 40% have so far received at least one shot of the vaccine.

Overall nearly 390,000 have so far received one shot of the vaccine, or almost 19% of the population, while almost 167,000 or 8% of the population have been fully vaccinated.


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