The Slovenia Times

Večer fears flight of staff from hospitality permanent


Maribor - Večer argues in Wednesday's commentary that many who used to work in the hospitality industry will not return even when the sector reopens, which spells trouble for the entire tourism sector.

While waiting for the sector to reopen, many workers were laid off, and many quit to find jobs in industry or retail. Many now commute across the border, the paper says in Where Have All the Waiters Gone.

This was exactly what employers feared. There were already too few skilled workers, now the shortfall will be even more acute and even if there is an explosion of tourism in a year or two, there will not be enough staff.

The paper notes how Slovenia remains committed to a tourism strategy emphasising it as a boutique, five-star sustainable destination.

"Without good staff, this will be difficult to achieve. A five-star destination begins and ends with good service."

"Just before the summer season, many will once again rely on student work and youths, who will be lost behind the bar for five euro an hour and know about half of the menu."


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