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Vox Populi on the Possible Prime Ministers


More than a third of respondents (35.6%) moreover said that President Danilo Türk should nominate a third candidate for the second round of voting on a prime minister-designate, after Janković failed to garner sufficient support in the first round on Wednesday.

Just over 30% of the respondents would like to see Janković picked again, while 26.5% said that the president should nominate Janša.

The party rankings show the PS in the lead with the support of 28.6% of the respondents, followed by the SDS (22%), the SocDems (8.2%), the People's Party (SLS - 6.7%), the Pensioners' Party (DeSUS - 5.1%), New Slovenia (NSi - 3.2%) and the Virant List (3%).

While 1.4% of the respondents would support another party, 10.4% were undecided and 11.5% said they would not vote.

Asked about the reasons for Janković failure to be appointed PM, the highest number of respondents, 26.1%, pointed the finger at Janša, while 25.5% blamed Gregor Virant of the Virant List, whose support is now well below that of its election result of 8.4%.

Just over 20% said Janković himself was to blame, 1.3% ascribe the blame to Karl Erjavec of DeSUS and 3.3% blame somebody else. Nearly 23% did not want to answer the question.

The survey was conducted by pollster Ninamedia on 13 January among 500 respondents.


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