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Slovenia to host conference on population ageing during EU presidency


Ljubljana - The Labour Ministry announced on Thursday, the European Day of Solidarity between Generations, that Slovenia would host a conference focussing on population ageing during its presidency of the Council of the EU. The conference will particularly stress the importance of intergenerational solidarity and cooperation, the ministry said.

Slovenia is projected to become one of the countries with the highest share of the elderly in Europe in the coming decades, which is why it plans to host a conference on life-long approach to ageing and cooperation between generations as a way of transcending stereotypes about the elderly.

Thus, Slovenia wants to show its commitment to promoting solidarity and intergenerational cooperation as ways to deal with the demographic changes, the ministry wrote on its web site.

Exactly thirteen years ago, Slovenia hosted an international conference on intergenerational solidarity and social connectivity in Brdo pri Kranju during the country's first EU presidency in cooperation with the European Commission and several NGOs.

The decision to declare 29 April the European Day of Solidarity between Generations was made at that conference.


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