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Illustrator Becomes Woman of the Year


After the ceremony in Ljubljana, which also marked the 40th anniversary of the magazine Jana, Reichman said she saw the award as a recognition coming from women, as she believes women were the ones who voted for her.

"I believe men don't do that. Maybe if these were some football starts, then they might vote, but not for the Slovenian Woman of the Year, especially if she's as old as me," said the artist, who is best known for her illustrations of children's books.

Asked about her work, Reichman said that she had foremost been drawing to the child within her. "I've been comforting myself, I've been drawing for myself but it was also for them," she explained.

She believes her work for children brought her the award. "I think women are always somehow sensitive through children."

The nominees included singer Maja Keuc, who represented Slovenia at last year's Eurosong contest, skier Tina Maze, and Information Commissioner Nataša Pirc Musar.

Prior to the ceremony, the nominees had been received by President Danilo Türk and his wife Barbara Miklič Türk.

Last year the title was conferred on cross country star Petra Majdič, while the year before it went to then Interior Minister Katarina Kresal. The award has been conferred since 1988.


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