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Survey indicates signs of pandemic fatigue showing in Slovenia

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Ljubljana - A survey has found that signs of pandemic fatigue are already showing in Slovenia, and that it is becoming difficult for the people to follow the numerous restrictions and recommendations. The share of people who would get vaccinated is the highest so far, while young people are more sceptical about vaccines than older residents.

Young people in particular are exhausted by debates about Covid-19 in the media, shows the latest SI-PANDA survey carried out by National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ) between 9 and 12 April among 1,000 people aged 18-74.

Commenting on the results, the NIJZ said that pandemic fatigue in the general population was a natural and predictable response to the long-lasting health crisis.

One of the consequences is a lack of motivation to follow the recommended protective measures, the survey shows, as people find it hard to follow them and this makes them stressed, and Covid-related topics make them nervous and lethargic.

"The more favourable epidemiological situation that we are witnessing in Slovenia in recent days is thus probably an opportunity to send more positive messages to people," the NIJZ said.

The 18-29 group still displays the most difficulties with mental health, which is in line with the forecasts that the pandemic would hit the older generation the hardest, while the young would be the most affected by the consequences of anti-pandemic measures.

Difficulties with mental health significantly increased in all age groups compared to the previous survey, in particular in the 30-49 age group.

"One of the possible reasons is that this is the age group who have young children at home, which has been an additional factor of stress as schools and kindergartens were closed," the NIJZ said.

The survey also examined interest in vaccination against Covid-19, with 67% of the respondents saying that it could contribute to stemming the spread of the virus. Young people are more sceptical than older residents in this respect.

Almost 59% of the people polled said they would get vaccinated when the vaccine was available for them, which is the highest share since the SI-PANDA survey was launched.

The pandemic has also affected the lifestyle of residents, as 42% of the respondents said they had been less physically active in the last two weeks than before the pandemic, 22% ate more unhealthy food, and almost a fifth smoked more.

More than a quarter of the people polled thinks that their financial situation in the last three months is worse than before.


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