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DeSUS MPs remain party members


Ljubljana - The executive committee of the Pensioners' Party (DeSUS) was expected to decide on Friday whether to strip its MPs of party membership over their recent voting record. Due to procedural issues, the matter was not put to a vote.

Four regional chapters would have had to back the proposal to hold a vote, but only two did, the party's interim president Brigita Čokl said.

The session was held in the aftermath of reports that some regional chapters were unhappy that their MPs continue to vote with the government even though the party left the coalition in December.

The party has been in flux for months, with the deputy group frequently at loggerheads with the party leadership.

Čokl was named interim leader in March after Karl Erjavec stepped down following a brief second stint as party leader, during which he extracted the party from the coalition.

Asked about the MPs today, Čokl said a party must accept many compromises, recalling her recent statement that differences had been ironed out.

"All we want is for matters to proceed, to find minimal common ground... After all, DeSUS is a parliamentary party."

While DeSUS is not a member of the coalition, its remaining four MPs are crucial to the survival of the minority government and have at times contributed the key votes, though not always.


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