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Slovenia wants green certificate deployed by 1 July


Ljubljana - Slovenia thinks it is essential that the EU digital green certificate, which is designed to facilitate cross-border travel, be implemented by 1 July. If that does not happen, member states will be forced to resort to national solutions, Economy Minister Zdravko Počivalšek said after an informal meeting of EU ministers in charge of tourism.

Foreigners account for 70% of tourist arrivals in Slovenia. "We want to have a safe relaxation of cross-border mobility and the provision of safe tourist services," Počivalšek told the STA on Friday.

The government's recent actions indicate a lot of services will be open only to vaccinated, tested or recovered guests, with the requirement remaining in place even in the mildest, green tier of restrictions.

The goal is to make everyone safe, tourists as well as providers of tourism services. "Due to mobility, tourism is one of the sectors that can contribute to the spread of the epidemic if we don't act responsibly," he said.

The minister believes some of the restrictions should not be lifted too fast. "Nobody can forecast what will happen, how vaccination will proceed and what happens after the summer. We have experience with last year, when we may have relaxed the measures a bit too much and received a new hit."


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