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Labour inspectors find no major infringements at STA, issue warning


Ljubljana - Labour inspectors checking on the Slovenian Press Agency (STA) on the government's initiative have found no infringements with respect to the employment relationships act or safety at work, including in response to the Covid-19 epidemic, while they have issued a warning over a minor issue that has been tackled, the STA management has said.

Labour inspectors launched oversight at the STA in March, a week after the government proposed the inspection body to examine, within its remit, whether the STA operates in compliance with labour law.

Having completed the oversight, the inspection body issued a warning to the STA because of faulty records on the use of working time for four contract staffers and ordered it to pay EUR 30 in procedural costs.

The shortcoming has been tackled, the STA management said on Thursday, adding that no other violations of labour law had been found.

Based on a report from the Government Communication Office, the government on 18 March also tasked the Interior Ministry to examine whether the violations alleged therein contained elements of suspected criminal acts prosecutable ex officio and to act accordingly.

The ministry was also tasked to examine whether the STA supervisory board might have violated the companies act.

Ljubljana police investigators visited Mladen TerĨelj, the chairman of the STA supervisory board, in mid-April in response to reports of alleged violations pertaining to the STA.


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