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Convention industry reopens with some restrictions in place


Ljubljana - Trade shows and events are reopening on Monday after the entire convention industry closed for in-person events at the start of the epidemic in March 2020. Indoor events may be held provided visitors have either recovered from Covid-19, been vaccinated or tested. Moreover, there are other restrictions to be heeded.

Event organisers are required to make sure a one-way flow of visitor traffic is put in place, and staff must get regularly tested.

The number of visitors is capped at one visitor per 10 square metres, with underage persons and those requiring assistance exempt from the cap.

The government decided to reopen the industry with precautionary protocols in place at Thursday's correspondence session.

The cap on the number of persons in indoor stores or other businesses has also been eased - it now stands at one customer per ten square metres and no longer at one per 20 square metres, however shopping centres must still make sure that there is one shopper per 20 square metres in the entire building.

When it comes to pick-up points where prevention measures are in place, food and drinks may be consumed on-site, but only if the customer sits at a table and heeds Covid restrictions such as physical distancing.

Those who have recovered from Covid-19 and have received one shot of a coronavirus vaccine up to eight months after they tested positive or developed Covid-19 symptoms have been included among the exemptions from a rule on regular testing for staff and clients.


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