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New trustworthy web portal for used cars available


Ljubljana - The sales of used cars in Slovenia are three times bigger than those of new cars, but information about second-hand cars is often poor. The Slovenian Automobile Association (AMZS) has now set up a new web portal for used cars that offers trustworthy information about the vehicle and its history.

The AMZS decided to combine an existing online registry of vehicle information with a portal for used vehicles.

The new web portal is an upgrade of Avtolog, which is AMZS' online tool that offers publicly accessible information from every periodic check of the vehicle.

This way, the buyers can inspect the vehicle's technical information, emissions, owner history, mileage, its performance on periodic checks, and whether the car was stolen or seized.

Anyone can publish an ad or browse the portal free of charge. The only requirement to obtain the information about the car is its chassis number (VIN).

About 200,000 used vehicles were sold in Slovenia last year. AMZS estimates that two thirds have a modified mileage.

Apart from rolled-back odometers, the buyers' biggest concerns are hidden flaws and insufficient service history.

Transparent information about the state of the vehicle is also important for road safety and the regulation of emissions, according to the AMZS.


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