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Record workload for Information Commissioner in 2020


Ljubljana - The Office of the Information Commissioner received a record number of applications, complaints and queries last year, according to the annual report submitted to the National Assembly.

A total of 565 complaints were received, and the number of requests for opinion rose by almost a third due to high demand for information about spending on public health measures.

More than 40% of the complaints refer to state bodies and a high share of those concern failure by the competent authorities to answer freedom of information requests. The office says this is worrying.

In the segment of personal data protection, the office received over 1,000 requests for inspection and 226 complaints, significantly more than in the year before. It also conducted 200 cross-border procedures.

The grounds for complaints were similar than in previous years, for example sharing of personal data with unauthorised persons, use of data for direct marketing, and video surveillance.

The Information Commissioner says many irregularities are the result of ignorance of the law.

An additional hurdle is the fact that Slovenia is the only EU member state not to have passed a law implementing the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


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