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Mass anti-government rally planned in Ljubljana


Ljubljana - Large anti-government protests are planned in Ljubljana on Friday after a series of groups and movements, including trade unions and opposition parties, have announced they will join in.

The rally was first announced by the movement behind Friday's bicycle protests a week ago when they issued an ultimatum to the government to resign or face a mass "uprising" to push for a snap election.

The country's five main trade union associations were among those who have announced they will take part, which they say is in protest at the government violating social dialogue.

Attendance has also been announced by students, pensioners, people from the academic and cultural circles, musicians, artists, environmental NGOs and marginalised groups.

The centre-left opposition parties LMŠ, Social Democrats and the Left are also planning to join in after their motion to impeach PM Janez Janša was voted down in parliament earlier this week.

Announcing the rally a week ago, the bicycle protesters said it would be bigger than the one staged on 27 April, which by police estimates was attended some 10,000 people.

The rally has not been registered, so security will be provided by police, who urged the public to follow their orders.

Police Inspector Boštjan Skrbinšek Javornik has said movement in the vicinity of government and parliament building will be restricted and the area will be under video surveillance.

Health inspectors will join the police in enforcing coronavirus restrictions and measures.

The protest movement accused police of using excessive force against peaceful demonstrators at the protest a week ago when anti-government demonstrations merged with a pro-Palestinian rally.

The movement filed a criminal complaint with the prosecution and called on the human rights ombudsman to look into alleged violations, including police targeting particular protesters, which the police has denied.


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