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Delo hails new aid for tourism, but says it must come on time


Ljubljana, 29 May - The newspaper Delo welcomes the Economy Ministry's proposal to distribute a new set of vouchers to citizens to boost tourism while extending their validity to hospitality, culture, sports and recreational services, but also says that aid needs to come quick.

Under the headline Tourism Vouchermania, the paper notes on Saturday that the proposal is just one in several measures in a new emerging stimulus bill which still needs to be endorsed by the government and parliament.

"It is an aid package worth several hundred million euros, so the question is what will remain on the table, given the increasingly large shortfall in the public finances."

The paper notes that almost half a billion euro in state aid that the tourism industry has benefited from has mostly helped keep the sector afloat. However, the industry needs funds to restart, while the emergency bill is still in the making.

"It seems almost incomprehensible that the document is being more than two months in the making, in particular since we know from experience in the past year that it may take months from adoption to implementation of the measures."

The paper notes that the main tourism season is around the corner, pointing to indications that with mass vaccination more Slovenians are likely to spend their holidays abroad.

"This means more effort will need to be put into attracting foreign guests [...] which will be much easier if the planned state aid comes on time."


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