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Phones and laptops now key channels for media consumption


Ljubljana - Smartphones and laptops have become the key channels for consuming media content. That is the main finding of the latest media consumption survey, conducted by the pollsters Valicon and Iprom in February and March. Slovenians consume media content, especially news media, to a significantly greater degree than in 2018.

The survey, featuring 924 respondents, showed that an average of 2.5 devices were being used to consume media content and communicate, with the leading device being the mobile phone, Iprom said in a press release.

Over 90% of users use a smartphone for media consumption, an increase of 8% compared to 2018. The pollsters also recorded a significant increase in the use of laptops, with 75% of respondents using them on a daily basis, a 32-point increase compared to 2018.

"2020 was a very different year from the perspective of consumption - both general and media - than previous years. As consumers, we have been exposed to a number of constraints in physical activities, resulting in increased digitalisation. The digitisation process itself has gained further momentum in 2021," said Matjaž Robinšak from Valicon.

According to the survey, the vast majority of people use smartphones, and all generations show very high rates of smartphone use, with generation Y (1980-1995) standing out with 97% of respondents regularly using a smartphone.

The generation born before 1959 recorded slightly lower rates, using on average 2.1 devices at the same time. Nevertheless, smartphone use is also high in this generation, with 85% of this group using it on a daily basis.

Digital media have increased their reach compared to 2018, leading to a strong increase in the consumption of online media content and the use of online services.

Online news media (news portals and video news) are the most widely used. Consumption of streaming content has seen an above-average increase, with the reach doubling compared to the 2018 survey.

A strong increase in communication through digital communication tools was recorded as well. Web mail is used daily by 86% of respondents, social media by 80% and chat and video call tools by 57%, according to the survey.

Iprom's director of media planning Andrej Ivanec said that a sharp increase in content consumption in digital media had been detected in March 2020 and the momentum was sustained throughout last year.

"Current trends in media consumption confirm that the omni-connected consumer we talked about in 2018 has become even more connected, even more digitally literate and even more active in the use of digital media," Ivanec added.

The survey also showed that 84% of users also follow other media alongside watching TV, especially on their mobile phone, which has also increased compared to the 2018 survey.

Today's average TV viewer therefore simultaneously performs almost four other activities in addition to watching TV. According to Iprom, the most frequent among these activities include checking social media, mail, news portals and content on other websites.


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