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Janša nominates Marjan Dikaučič for justice minister


Ljubljana - Prime Minister Janez Janša sent a proposal to appoint Marjan Dikaučič, an official receiver, Slovenia's new justice minister to parliament on Friday after the candidate was put forward by the Modern Centre Party (SMC).

If appointed, Dikaučič will replace Lilijana Kozlovič, who resigned last week when the government annulled the call for applications for the country's European delegated prosecutors.

Parliament formally relieved Kozlovič of her duties today, but she will remain in office in an acting capacity until a new minister is appointed.

The nominee is expected to be heard by the parliamentary Justice Committee next week.

If the hearing is scheduled soon enough, the National Assembly could also vote on Dikaučič next week. If not, then in the middle of the week to follow, SMC deputy group leader Gregor Perič told the press today.

He tweeted yesterday the SMC had picked Dikaučič because "receivership legislation is a priority for the SMC so we want to modernise the field, make it more transparent and efficient".

Perič does not expect problems with his appointment in parliament, saying a simple majority - a majority of MPs present at the session - suffices for the appointment.

In line with the National Assembly's rules, a ministerial nominee is heard before a relevant body between three and seven days after the nomination is sent to parliament.


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