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Absolutely Behind Single Fiscal Policy


Pahor took part in a session of the parliamentary EU Affairs Committee on Friday where he was given the mandate for negotiations as EU leaders are expected to agree the fiscal compact treaty on Monday.

Speaking to reporters, he was pleased that this will probably be the last time for him to attend an EU summit as PM with limited powers and that he would be able to tell his colleagues Slovenia is getting a fully empowered government.

He was confident that the reforms Slovenia had pledged to implement would now be carried out following an impasse in a "detrimentally long" period of political uncertainty.

Pahor expects a great majority of EU members to sign on to the fiscal compact treaty, to be penned in March. Under the decision the EU and the eurozone in particular will have an economic government, he said.

Should the question of a single fiscal policy arise, and the member states do not have full sovereignty in their decisions on public finances and will be subject to stricter oversight by the EU, Pahor will join that on Monday and hopes that the new government will follow suit, he said.

A single fiscal policy is the only way to preserve the euro as a solid and trustworthy currency, Pahor said.

He is aware this would interfere in Slovenia's sovereignty, but he also said that this would be the kind of intervention the citizens would have anticipated before joining the EU.


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