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Environmental Policies All Right Now


Slovenia notified the Commission on 11 November that it had adopted the directive into its legislation when parliament endorsed the changes to the penal code, the ministry said.

The changes redefine the area of environmental pollution, the ministry noted, adding that the changes dealt with "the prosecution of modern environmental criminal acts", including pollution and illegal waste shipment.

According to the ministry, the changes renew the criminal act of water pollution by vessels, while they deal comprehensively with illegal management of nuclear or other dangerous radioactive substances.

The changes to the penal code had been adopted by parliament in October last year only to be vetoed by the upper chamber later that month. MPs however overruled the veto in November.

The ministry moreover said today that it had been warning about the importance of adopting the changes, as the provisions dealing with the implementation of the EU directive in the Slovenian legislation were essential for the country to avoid a hefty fine from the EU.


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