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Healthcare investments worth EUR 1.9 billion planned through 2031

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Ljubljana - The government has passed legislation that involves EUR 1.9 billion in spending on health investments over the next ten years for hospitals and educational institutions to beef up the capacity of the national health system. The money will be secured in regular annual budgets from 2021 to 2031.

The investment plan involves the construction of a new gastroenterological department at UKC Ljubljana, a new building for the Clinical Institute of Medical Genetics, and new annexes to the maternity ward and orthopaedic department, plus a regional hospital in Gorenjska, and new nursing hospital and nursing home capacities, the Government Communications Office said on Thursday.

"For the employees this will mean a better working environment, for patients better care in modern facilities," Health Minister Janez Poklukar said.

A total of EUR 763 will be allocated to both university medical centres, in Ljubljana and Maribor, EUR 557 million for general hospitals, nursing hospitals and nursing homes, EUR 214 million for specialised hospitals, EUR 200 million to universities for medical, dental medicine and pharmacy studies, and EUR 50 million for other educational institutions.

Poklukar said this would result in an additional 70 places for medical students and 20 for dental medicine per year.


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