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Covid-19 pandemic causes significant fall in bus transport

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Ljubljana - Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of bus passengers in Slovenia more than halved last year compared to 2019. City buses recorded a 57% decrease, there has been a 53% fall in inter-city bus travel, and a 69% decline in international bus transit, data from the Slovenian Statistical Office (SURS) shows.

With 25 million passengers, city buses posted a 57% fall. SURS data shows that there were 154 active city lines amounting to 1,883 kilometres in one-way distance in 2020.

Inter-city buses had 13 million passengers, down 53%, most of whom travelled up to 50 kilometres in distance. Overall inter-city transport recorded 211 million kilometres on 1,905 active routes.

International public transport totalled 61,000 passengers, which is 69% less than in 2019. The majority of travels were 21-50 kilometres long and amounted to a total of six million passenger kilometres made on 30 international lines (some of which were seasonal), SURS said.


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