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Delo highlights long-term benefits of vaccination

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Ljubljana - Commenting on the fight against coronavirus at the start of the summer tourist season, the newspaper Delo says in Tuesday's front-page commentary that the world and the EU have made great progress so far but also many strategic mistakes.

The biggest mistake done so far is connected to the AstraZeneca vaccine. If experts and decision makers said a firm no to the vaccine, there would not be so much distrust, Delo says.

The EU can still avoid the next mistake. Its current strategy under which it promotes the green digital certificate as a green pass for carefree summer holidays poses a risk of another mistake, as the main purpose of the certificate is not a short-term but a long-term benefit and security in the form of herd immunity.

So vaccination does not only guarantee safe holidays to Europeans but also a safe return home. When summer ends, it will not be only autumn waiting but also the virus again, Delo says under the headline Vaccination for Safe Travel in EU Bubble.


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