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Web platform launched to boost political responsibility


Ljubljana - The centre for investigative journalism in the Adriatic region OŇ°tro and the institute Danes Je Nov Dan (Today Is a New Day) have launched a web platform where a list of promises made by politicians will be published as a reminder to them that they have a responsibility towards citizens.

The platform Obljuba Dela Dolg (A Promise Made Is a Debt Unpaid), launched on Monday, will be an interactive webpage enabling users to keep track of political promises and their implementation.

This is to increase political responsibility and strengthen trust in politicians, thus encouraging participation in political processes, the institute behind the project said.

It noted that the low trust of the public in the work of politicians was an important part of the crisis of democracy. Distrust leads to disappointment over politics, which leads to low turnout in various political processes, including elections, which means low legitimacy of decision-makers.

This, coupled with the lack of simple mechanisms for monitoring the implementation of political promises, paves the way for a lack of political responsibility at all levels.

Now, the new platform will respond to this, offering all relevant political promises with verifiable facts, traceable sources and unbiased analyses about their implementation in one place, the institute said.

At the end of a government term, every promise will receive a mark - fulfilled or broken. Until then, the status of a promise can be fulfilled, broken, intact, in the process of implementation or at a standstill.

Apart from citizens, the platform should also benefit NGOs and journalists, the institutions behind it believe.

The project is co-funded by the Active Citizens Fund in Slovenia and supported by the European Economic Area.


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