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Government slightly changes Covid-19 rules

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Ljubljana - The government made some changes to Covid-19 rules on Thursday, including regarding entry to the country from abroad, and gatherings. From now on, persons vaccinated with two shots of different vaccines will also be allowed to enter Slovenia without the quarantine requirement.

New to the green list of Covid safe countries of the EU and Schengen zone are Iceland and Hungary, while some changes were made for Germany.

Third countries new to the green list are the US, Lebanon and some administrative units of China.

On the orange list, some changes were made only for Italy and Germany, while there are no changes for third countries.

The red list of EU and Schengen zone countries also remains unchanged. Jordan and Saint Lucia were removed from the red list of third countries, while Saint Kitts and Nevis, Uganda and Cape Verde were added to the list. Oman was moved to the list of dark red countries.

The changes will step into force in Saturday and will be valid until 4 July, the Government Communication Office said.

The cabinet also slightly amended the rules for public assembly, under which masks remain mandatory indoors, while outdoors they are only mandatory when participants do not meet the requirement about vaccination, testing or reconvalescence and when distancing is not possible.

At public events held indoors, participants must wear masks, be tested, vaccinated or reconvalescent, while their number or distance is not restricted.

Health Minister Janez Poklukar also said today that speakers at events held indoors where the tested, vaccinated or reconvalescent rule is in place do not need to wear a mask if the distance between them and listeners is at least two metres.


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