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Labour Inspectorate receives 28% more reports of violations in 2020


Ljubljana - Slovenia's Labour Inspectorate received 9,260 reports of violations in 2020, an increase of 28% compared to 2019. 6,867 reports were connected to employment relations, 2,043 in the field of occupational safety and health, and 350 reports were connected to social affairs. The inspectorate carried out 17,334 inspections last year.

The inspectorate's work last year was marked by the coronavirus epidemic, both in terms of the content and scope of its work and in terms of the changes in the way it is organised. A new regulatory framework has given the inspectorate a number of new competences and, as a consequence, new powers.

In 2020, inspectors carried out 17,334 inspections - 10,031 in the field of employment relations and 7,016 in occupational safety and health, while social affairs inspectors carried out 287 inspections, according to the inspectorate's annual report that was presented to the government a few days ago.

In all three fields, 19,028 different violations were detected last year, resulting in 9,508 administrative and infringement measures and 29 suspected offences or criminal charges. In total, inspectors issued fines worth EUR 4.01 million.

Last year, inspectors detected 10,189 violations in the field of occupational safety and health. Most of the measures were imposed on employers in construction (25.7%), manufacturing (14.6%) and commerce (12.2%).

In the field of employment relations, 8,708 violations of labour legislation were found as a result of the inspections carried out, most of them (4,720) related to payment and other employment benefits.

The largest number of violations was found in the construction sector (1,362), followed by catering (1,019), manufacturing (1,006) and commerce (755).

The Labour Inspectorate also investigated 102 accidents at work, while employers reported 13,938 work-related accidents to the inspectorate for the period from the start of 2020 to 18 February this year, including 5,503 cases of illness that were related to Covid-19.


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