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Koritnik urges boosted cooperation between AI partnership task forces

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Ljubljana - Public Administration Minister BoĊĦtjan Koritnik participated via videolink on Wednesday in a session of the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence, calling for closer cooperation between task forces that operate under the partnership to introduce artificial intelligence in work processes safely, both in the public and private sectors.

The minister proposed that the partnership take into account the areas of national languages and cultural identities when planning its work in the future.

Slovenia's programme on the development of artificial intelligence focuses on promoting the use of such technologies for preservation of the Slovenian language and cultural identity in the digital world.

"The systems of artificial intelligence that are based on localised national data and used for applications in the national language are the key prerequisite for public use of artificial intelligence and trust in it," Koritnik told today's meeting as quoted by his ministry in a press release.

The partnership brings together countries that aim to develop artificial intelligence in line with democratic standards and human rights.

Canada and France gave the initiative for the organisation that was then established as part of the G7 forum and is now becoming a multilateral partnership.


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