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Survey: Climate change serious problem for most EU, Slovenian citizens

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Ljubljana - As many as 92% Slovenians citizens consider climate change a serious problem, which is one percentage point below the EU average, the latest Eurobarometer survey shows. 11% of Slovenian respondents meanwhile consider climate change the most serious problem the world is faced with, which compares to the EU average of 18%.

A total of 29% of Europeans cited either climate change (18%), degradation of nature (7%) or health issues related to pollution (4%) as the most serious problem.

In Slovenia, degradation of nature was deemed the most serious problem by 16% of the respondents, followed by climate change (11%) and pollution-related health problems (7%).

As for politics taking action to fight climate change for the EU to become climate neutral by 2050, 90% of Europeans and 89% of Slovenians said greenhouse gas emissions should be reduced to the utmost.

What is more, 87% or Europeans and 93% of Slovenians find it important for the EU to set ambitious goals in obtaining energy from renewable sources.

More than 60% of Slovenians see industry as the most responsible player to deal with climate change, which is two points above the EU average.

On the other hand, the share of Slovenians seeing themselves to be personally responsible to address climate change is 24% compared to 41% at the EU level.

Nevertheless, three quarters or 75% of Slovenians said they had acted against climate change over the past six months, which is eleven points above the EU average.

Almost 26,700 European citizens, including 1,026 in Slovenia, were surveyed as part of the climate change survey in all 27 EU member states between 15 March and 14 April.


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