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Businesses warn another lockdown would be costly

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Ljubljana - The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GZS) warned on Wednesday that a potential new lockdown would be prohibitively expensive for businesses and the state as it called on people to get vaccinated against coronavirus to prevent another shutdown of public life.

The GZS estimates a new lockdown in autumn would result in a EUR 1.7 billion revenue shortfall for the corporate sector, wiping out EUR 400 million in value added and 2,500 jobs. Government support for the economy would cost EUR 800 million, it said.

The bulk of the damage would be incurred by tourism, sports, culture and entertainment, the events industry, personal services, education, public transportation and durable goods retail.

A new lockdown would be much less likely if a higher vaccination rate is achieved. "It is up to all of us what kind of a possible new wave of the epidemic we will face in autumn and winter," it said.

Slovenia's had a good start to the vaccination campaign, but high levels of vaccine hesitancy have since made it a laggard in Europe. About 39% of the population has so far received one shot and 33% have been fully vaccinated.


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