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Andrijanič sees digitalisation as key solution for progress


Ljubljana - Presenting his bid to the parliamentary Home Affairs Committee, Mark Boris Andrijanič, the candidate for minister without portfolio for digital transformation, said he would strive to realise as many of the recently unveiled digitalisation proposals as possible. Digitalisation is key for becoming a modern country, he stressed.

"Digitalisation is one of the key solutions for Slovenia to become a modern and progressive country," he said.

If appointed, he would primarily aim to implement the first 40 proposals put forward by the Strategic Council for Digitalisation he chairs, or at least as many as possible in cooperation with relevant ministries.

The council, which, Andrijanič said, features 47 experts from various areas who have broadened their experience abroad, presented the package in June, coming up with strategies for digitalisation transformation in the public administration, healthcare, education and business.

"We're talking about 40 solutions for the fourth decade of the Slovenian state, which will surely be digital," Andrijanič reiterated today, highlighting measures for citizens such as an e-building permit, child allowance estimate and tax direct debit payments, and measures for companies that would aim to facilitate conducting business with the state and promote startups and brain gain.

Healthcare-wise, he would like to tap into cutting-edge technologies to help save lives, reduce waiting lines and save millions of euros in public procurement. When it comes to education, he announced the introduction of a mandatory school subject in primary and secondary schools that would focus on IT.

He would also introduce a digital voucher for citizens to acquire digital skills.

"I will focus on practical measures that will be noticed by citizens and companies very soon," he told the committee members, adding that the new Digital Transformation Office, which he will head if appointed, will strive to ensure intense coordination with the relevant ministries to realise the proposals.

"If I'm appointed minister, I will do my best to see digitalisation become our national priority and project bringing together the entire society and politics," Andrijanič vowed during the committee hearing, describing digital transformation as "a team sport".

If the committee endorses his appointment, his bid will be then put to a vote in the National Assembly at the emergency plenary that starts at noon.


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