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Government Leaning Towards Freezing ACTA


He noted that the matter had only been discussed informally, and that the final announcement would be made by Economic Development and Technology Minister Radovan Žerjav.

The Economic Development Ministry said Žerjav would speak about ACTA at Friday's public presentation of opinions, which has been organised by the parliamentary EU Affairs Committee.

The debate will coincide with the second protest against ACTA (the first one was held two weeks ago), organised by online activists.

According to the initiator of the protest, Gregor Plemenko, the operation undertaken by hacker collective Anonymous to push the government to freeze the ratification of ACTA was still under way, despite a drop of activity from last weekend, when the group brought multiple websites down.

Meanwhile the editors of the portal said that Turk's statement was nothing but an effort to downplay tomorrow's debate.

They noted that the freezing of ACTA was not enough, as the agreement should be rejected completely and the opportunity to discuss a better regulation of the internet seized.

The agreement was signed on 26 January in Tokyo by representatives of the European Commission and 22 of the 27 EU member states, including Slovenia.

The signing provoked outrage around Europe and several countries have already halted ratification procedures, among them Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

The accord is designed to protect copyright and crack down on online piracy, but critics say it will lead to intrusive surveillance and censorship.


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