The Slovenia Times

Lenarčič Lands on Antarctic


To allow flying in such extreme conditions, the Virus SW 914 plane was made to withstand temperatures as low as -50 degrees centigrade, the company said.

The 300-kilogramme plane will face another extreme temperature drop in the venture when Lenarčič flies over Mt Everest.

After Antarctic, Lenarčič is up for the most difficult part of his journey with several flights of over 4,000 kilometres without the possibility to land as he attempts to cross the Pacific.

Lenarčič embarked on his solo flight around the world from the Ljubljana airport on 7 January after the start of his venture had to be postponed several times due to different problems.

He is now around 25,000 kilometres into his planned 80,000-kilometre journey over 60 countries, 120 national parks, three oceans and the highest peaks of five continents.


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