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Finance offers scathing criticism of EU as system

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Ljubljana - The newspaper Finance writes about the failure of the flood warning system in Germany in Wednesday's commentary, suggesting it is indicative of how the hyper-regulated EU functions, where politicians prefer boasting about decarbonisation and digitalisation over taking concrete measures that work.

Under the headline What Would You Prefer, Electric Car or Being Flushed Away by Flood, the paper writes that the tragic flooding in Germany was a result of wrong action and misguided decision at the human, political, expert and systemic levels.

It says the same would happen all across Europe: "We have been building a complicated system on paper for years, while in practice it does not work for people. Not just in case of floods, it applies generally [...]

"It is not just the question of warning and timely action in the days prior to the floods. It is hypocrisy that the politicians, system and interest circles in Germany as well as in Europe find it easier to debate, brag and score points on decarbonisation, the fight against climate change in 3000, collecting winners like electric cars and everything green, than build, renovate, upgrade dams, canals, concrete defences against a concrete danger."

It says floods in Germany showed politics and the system are hypocritically busying itself with the future when they failed to tackle the present on time because they cannot manage the present time.

"Nothing gets finished, makeup instead of content [...] it is politics typical of Europe. Be it about dealing with the refugee crisis, euro crisis, common social politics [...] if we lecture the world on how free trade pays while we restrict it when tackling relations with China or America, if we deal with climate change."


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