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Ministry receives two bids in new call for delegated prosecutors


Ljubljana - The Justice Ministry confirmed it had received two applications for the two posts of Slovenia's European delegated prosecutors in the second nomination procedure. Matej Oštir and Tanja Frank Eler, the candidates that had been rejected in the first call, have already said they have applied.

Oštir and Frank Eler had been selected by the State Prosecution Council for the posts set aside for Slovenia in the European Public Prosecutor's Office (EPPO) before the first call was annulled by the government as the latter believes that the council should nominate three candidates per post, meaning six candidates in total.

It was reported on Tuesday the prosecutors had made a renewed bid for the posts in the second call, which ended on Monday.

It remains unclear what will happen now as there are again only two candidates vying for the posts. The ministry has so far not responded to the STA's request for comment. It did however say on Tuesday it strived for constructive cooperation between all stakeholders to appoint the two European delegated prosecutors as soon as possible.

The council has meanwhile called the repeat call unlawful.


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