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Bosnia's coronavirus tests recognised by Slovenia

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Ljubljana - The list of countries whose PCR and rapid antigen tests for coronavirus are recognised by Slovenia has been expanded by the government to include Bosnia-Herzegovina. Under certain conditions tests from countries not on the list will be also accepted.

The government made changes to the regulation governing coronavirus border restrictions by correspondence session last night, while it also extended currently valid restrictions by another week, the Government Communication Office has announced.

Under new conditions, PCR and antigen tests from third countries that are not listed in the regulation as having their tests approved, will still be accepted if they contain the same set of data as PCR or rapid tests issued in an EU or Schengen area country, data on the type of test, the issuer of the certificate and the issuance date, if it carries a QR code interoperable with the EU Digital Covid Certificate system and if they can be verified in the same way as the EU certificate.

The amended regulation will take effect the next day after being released in the Official Gazette.


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