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Dnevnik bothered by education minister being carefree about corona


Ljubljana - While smart countries are devoting a lot of attention, time and money to creating safe conditions in enclosed spaces ahead of autumn, especially in education, Slovenian Education Minister Simona Kustec is in Tokyo, enjoying the Olympics, Dnevnik says on Friday.

In Germany, investments in air ventilation systems, air purifiers, CO2 measuring systems are already included in national and regional budgets. Germany plans to allocate hundreds of million euros for this.

The Slovenian education and sports minister, however, is not interested in this. She is enjoying the Olympics in Japan, posing for cameras for posts on social media.

In a serious country such a minister would be fired long ago and even face charges for negligence.

When the fourth wave of Covid-19 hits, she will not take any responsibility, but simply blame the disobedient, who did not get vaccinated and did not follow instructions, the paper says under the headline Simona K.'s Crystal Ball.


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