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Finance says latest emergency act is ambiguous


Ljubljana - The newspaper Finance suggests in Monday's commentary that the latest emergency act may not be very helpful because it is rather ambiguous about who and in what circumstances is eligible for state aid.

While the government extended the measure of subsidising shorter working hours as part of it latest efforts to mitigate the corona crisis, many employers were disappointed when they realised that aid will only be available if their operations are restricted or banned by a government decree.

Currently, when most restrictions are no longer in place, only night clubs would thus be eligible for the subsidies.

Moreover, employers must explain in every application why they believe they are eligible for the aid, which opens the question of whether a clerk will decide on their eligibility.

"Legislation should be simple and understandable. Also during the corona crisis, when measures need to be adopted urgently," the paper says, noting that more than a year into the epidemic decision-makers should be able to produce laws that would allow companies to know exactly whether they can count on aid or not.

If, however, the ministry must publish two documents explaining the law soon after it enters into force, the law is neither simple nor understandable, says the paper under the headline Aid That Is Not.


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